I have little expectation of a sensible outcome reflecting common sense and attention to conflict of interest from this general election, 14th October New Zealand.

However, I wish to point out that there has never been a time of more potential. I am exceedingly grateful to those who have stood against the eviltes narrative all these years , those who have mined and shared the information of our demise and the many who have cared and shared the clear pathways to a non violent and transparent way of life and government. There are many who have stepped up to create new parties here and have used this opportunity to inform many more people about our peril.


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This will just waste everyone's time. You're doing the exact same thing that people did in the past - go to your masters. Well if you have masters, you're part of the problem. The solution is we need to get off their systems, thus we need replacement systems. We have everything we need right now to do that. But we have to be curious as to how to get off their systems, we have to want to do it. It doesn't have to mean going backwards - the system is steeped in scarcity. We will have abundance when we get on a system that supports abundance not debt. It's so easy. But it takes a new sense of everything.

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