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If one were truly interested in "justice" for the use of a deadly bio-weapon disguised as a "Vaccine" one would have no choice but to start with those in charge of the 4 largest Vaccine drug companies that foisted them on the world between 2020 and 2022 when the first round took place. One also can not dismiss 2 common traits those 4 individuals have because pulling on this exposed threat will unravel who is ultimately responsible.

Hint: the lackey's in Geneva, while absolutely guilty of crimes against humanity, including mass murder, are nothing more than talking heads who answer to the zio-fascists lurking behind the curtains. It is the zio-fsacists who are actually in control of the ongoing war against White Western Civilization using generals like the 4 CEO's of the drug companies that pumped out the bio-weapons...

The 4 individuals in charge of the bio-weapons Vaccine drug companies in 2020-2022

1) they are all devout ZONISTS

2) all 4 are jewish with well documented ties to israel

NOTE: israel, in a colossal blunder constituting a clear admission of guilt, went public in April of 2020 just weeks after "COVID-19" was "isolated" (Jan 28 2020?) bragging to the world that they already had a working Vaccine ready for mass production. (April 2020-clearly impossible without years of foreknowledge -shades of 9-11 Dancing israelis) It was this Vaccine that was administered to the israeli jewish population while the few hundred thousand Palestinians they bothered to inject were given the over the counter Pfizer version. ( before COVID-Palestinians were clear majority under direct israeli control- post Gaza, perhaps at most 5 Million left so jewish "democracy" now safe) Israel went on to stage a massive propaganda campaign claiming thousands of israelis injured/dead from Vaccine. Hint: like the dead "israelis" Nutenyahoo stated were killed on October 7, they were actually not jewish , in reality but Palestinian Israelis that were being injured and killed by the bio-weapons...

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