Thank you. I am grateful to read your response.

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Thank-you so much for this critically important information. I have banked with TD Bank for years (no special reason except the physical branch was close to my residence).

It's funny....l live in Florida & it wasn't until the bank account freezing with the truckers protest that l found out TD Bank is a Canadian bank! Boy, was l floored!

As l now am retired, my only source of income is my monthly Social Security check which is directly deposited into my account. I am tempted to switch to another bank but l fear all banks are eventually going in this direction so what's the point? Not to mention that l hear Social Security in the USA is expected to end in the next few years.

So for the the time being l am extremely grateful for the instructions you have provided. In fact, l think l will go in person to my local branch to take care of business.

Again, my deep gratitude!

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