We all think, something is wrong. No! It is just a plan unfolding. The same procedure as always. Breed, replace, and reduce. The way of the Phoenix.

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Dr. Tom Cowan: RFK, Jr. = trustworthy.

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The root cause problem is the same for most of these:


We need to build new systems that make the old corrupted ones obsolete. That is humanity’s biggest problem right now. We have lost trust in all systems (government, food, academia, medicine, media and even science).

Our new systems must be corruption resistant, transparent, decentralized, and thus trustworthy. 100% built and controlled by the people.

We need a trustworthy place to go where ideas can percolate.

We fix it all with a brand new entity. A non profit network state run in a way that is super hard to corrupt: like this video explains.


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