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My heart absolutely aches when I listen to the way people think. It's all wrong. It's negative. I has no imagination, it is driven by fear. It's what of course we all learned to do but there is a better way. We have to unsee ourselves as slaves with masters and see ourselves as sovereigns. This is no easy feat after the level of mind control the whole world has been in, induced by the idea of debt and authoritarianism. Those two doctrines have motivated humans more than anything else. They require we think of ourselves as obeying others and not standing in our own vertebral column. We have to replace the master/slave mindset with the sovereign mindset - within foundational principles such as free speech and body autonomy. No more can we be beholden to papers written that tell other what to do. The internet has equipped us to be able to make our own proposals in anything we are interested in and to vote on proposals others make that we like or disagree with. It is all in our purview now, but we must grasp it. What is needed is to find other sovereigns who will pledge publicly that they will not follow mandates. Would you put your name to that? Do you have some friends who would put their name to that? Surely there are legions of us. There is power in declaration, that is why power brokers make declarations. We also need to announce who we are so we can see how many we are. We need to live in the open as that is the terrain that is non conducive to psychopaths. Transparency will make psychopaths go back into their closets. But it means we have to stand for what we believe and speak up and build backbone.

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