Thank you Sarah. Animated discussion between a group of locals was to the fore Saturday morning in Tākaka. Gathering on the Village Green was part of the worldwide "We are MANY, We are UNITED, We are READY” movement, supported in 14 other New Zealand centres and at 200 locations around the world. Saturday 20 May was chosen as it coincided with the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group

and the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting in Geneva. The Tākaka group joined Saturday’s worldwide protest declaring 'no confidence' in their governments, which they believe are in collusion in manipulating and controlling fundamental liberties. The group say their focus is on justice and accountability regarding land, water, health, freedom of speech and debate, and the sharing of

independent scientific findings. “And that’s only the bones of it and the tip of the iceberg,” said a spokesperson. “This is us, all around the world saying we’ve had enough; we can see what governments are doing.” Photo: Anita Peters.

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Hello to the other communities out there. WE ARE READY. Small Town NEW ZEALAND.


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Page TWO!!

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