Thank you ICFUBAR. I agree with "Our reality is manifest by the aggregate behaviors of individuals". Before 1995, there were fringe sciences like the science of ontology, the science of digital physics was starting to emerge, the science of non-linear dynamics, and chaos theory however since then, through those fringe sciences we now ‘know’ a lot of the rules that govern non-physical reality. In other words, a door is open to explore the deeper meaning of being in a body, and how to lessen decline using rules that govern non-physical reality. To manifest positive change, first individuals have to resolve conflict between heart and doubting mind, which it is actually possible.

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Mar 14, 2023·edited Mar 14, 2023

I'm sorry to write but I no longer trust anything that I can't confirm for myself that I can ascertain to be truthful to a greater degree based on my perception from principles and boundaries that judge the true nature of any information.. The old William Casey adage that "When everything the people believe is false we'll know our job is done" paraphrased is our warning. Who or whatever instilled my questioning nature has keep me safe for at least the last three years. I include this post that the CIA, as human kind's mortal enemy, that reality is a hologram. Our reality, to my way of thinking, is manifest by the aggregate behaviors of individuals. If as a group humanity acts either morally or immorally, on a sliding scale between the two extremes, we all create the human experience we live in. From greater freedom and stability if we act morally to greater slavery and chaos for aggregate immorality. The CIA through its psychological operations wants to muddy the concept that each individual's actions when taken in aggregate create our reality whether we are 'enlightened' or not. This by having morals based in the universal principles of the "Golden Rule.' would see us all on our way for humanity to reach its full potential as a caring and cooperative species. This is what the CIA does NOT want us to know and so plies the world with these constructs that are meant to hide truths and to confuse! Yes we need our heads in the spiritual realm seeking the 'Golden Rule' truth but also our feet planted firmly on the earth in the taking of actions that confirm the spiritual in physical reality. The rest is utter bullshit, lies or a mixture of both.

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