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Smart Money Nightmare: Life without cash

Smart Money Nightmare: Life without cash

All planned for decades.

What this all means

Is the video a harbinger?

It is vital to understand what proposed changes to the monetary system will mean. The changes, if allowed to happen, could be the most devastating event in our lifetime and potentially the biggest removal of liberty in modern history.

What better way to shift the world towards changes required for the “smart money nightmare” to take effect than a crisis or a series of crises.  Could recent interventions by the Bank of England be an indication of such a crisis?  We don’t know if it is all happening by design and planned well in advance. But we do know they would “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  So recent and significant disturbances in the financial markets are worth noting.

What is at stake is not fiscal dominance but financial dominance

Corey Lynn notes that BoE is one of 63 members of the Bank for International Settlements (“BIS”):

A band of criminals got together a century ago and decided they were going to own the world, hold all of the power, create and hoard all of the money, and keep everyone on a constant spin cycle to fool them. Not only were they going to construct it as they saw fit, but they were going to build the most elaborate enslavement system this world has ever seen – one that gives them full immunity, allows them to operate outside the law entirely, and they were going to do it without anyone realising it until it was too late.

At the top of the ivory tower, sits BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, with sovereign immunity. When carrying out specific activities under BIS, this immunity extends to its members, which is made up of 63 global central banks and monetary authorities, the Federal Reserve System, plus insurers, and payment systems through their subsidiary, that BIS deems “systemically important institutions.”

These are groups of men and women who masterminded a plan to take global control of the world’s money and weaponise it against everyone. The plotting began a century ago, and it’s far past time to foil their plan.

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1, Corey Lynn, 29 September 20

Learn more https://expose-news.com/2022/10/11/what-life-without-cash-could-mean-for-you/

CBDC: high speed train to e-prison


Remember always

The same bandits that unleashed the covid-19 ‘plandemic’ are the same bandits unleashing smart money through controlled demolition of the global financial and economic system. As central bank digital currency replaces cash, don’t be surprised if your bank account is emptied in the process referred to as bail ins. htps://www.ourgreaterdestiny.ca/p/central-bank-digital-currency-cbdc

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