Thank you for further clarifying, and I do appreciate your honesty. I always learn something from your Substacks and will continue to share them. Blessings.

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We need social credit scores.... for politicians.

Anything centralized is going to be corrupted. Decentralized is going to be free. But decentralized and aligned? Will be unstoppable.

The way we fight back is simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple. It starts with swarming. A new kind of technology where we can make our own decentralized and transparent systems separated from government and plug them into the existing corrupted ones.

Swarming isn’t fully developed yet. It isn’t trustworthy enough to scale up for large swarms yet. But it will be soon.

If you really want to fight back, learn about swarming, decentralization, and transparent systems.

We need better tools to fight back against all of the capture and corruption. We implore you to learn more about this. It will be the people once again in control once we swarm these problems together, and organize our alignment into an unstoppable leaderless organization.

Please. PLEASE. Understand and discuss:


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It's really hard to believe there is anyone left who doesn't know Real Raw Jews is nothing but scripted melodrama OP from the cubicles at Langley. This story is their classic subterfuge and many lap up everything they say even with the disclaimer.

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Don't worry friend, know this much and you posting this only further confirms what I believe is coming and whats coming is God winning in glorious fashion and destroying evils control over humanity BUT as Q so ironically said or something similar, the end will not be for everyone.

I believe God is going to allow for the coming pole shift to happen and maybe even speed it up and this earth catastrophe will destroy evils control over humanity.

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