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Thank you for sharing.

Options to free ourselves diminish by the day b/c most people are unaware and apathetic, and most governments, lawyers, judges, police, military have been captured and foolishly believe they will be ‘spared’ after supporting this world coup d’état.

Even with legal immunity from the beast system there is no law enforcement to support it. In my view, it is the ‘rare’ timeline Earth is passing through that is our ‘greatest’ opportunity to align with inner power, the only power 'collectively' to end the reign of terror by rogue entities masquerading as church, state, and corporations, who have been throwing man under the bus for millennia. More in an upcoming Blog.

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Cant we all just reject our citizenship in our respective countries? Or in some way form an alience of people who will build our own society.

It cant be legal, what they are doing. They are giving the power that was granted (our politicians) them, to private global cooperations. It is not for them to give that power away. We voted for our politicians to take care of practical matters, they dont own anything.

Thank you for blogg, take care!

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