If it is nefarious scheming, which we believe it is - we NEED to organize better against this. We propose creating a decentralized digital 4th branch of government who really isn't part of government at all. Rather it is 100% built and run by the people with two ideas in mind:

1) Fight corruption in the systems that govern over our lives (our biggest problem)

2) Create alternate parallel systems that are much better than the current ones that we can either exit to or plug into our current systems.

Lots of possibilities exist here including decentralized medicine, science, and our own FDA. It starts with us organizing. Think of it like a union, giving us a seat at the bargaining table once again.

Read: https://joshketry.substack.com/p/lets-build-a-4th-branch-of-government

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Remove the patents from these companies. Wrongdoing and criminal activity can be punished in ways other than a monetary fine that we, the public, end up paying for.

Be aware of the W.H.O., they are becoming the long arm of the PharmaSuits and YOU pay

to be FORCED to be injected.

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