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GEO-ENGINEERING is a distraction. This is EARTH in ascension clearing out LOWER man made energies of war conflicts and pollution from below and above her surface. THEY (warmongers & career politicians) are deliberately pushing people into conflicts with each other they know by doing this people are creating lower energies that earth is in the process of clearing out and releasing. FIRE ICE FLOODS and natural disasters is how earth does this The more wars that are fomented the more catastrophe the weather disasters. All lower energies must be cleared out before more Light can flow in by way of our sun (which is portal).

" Weather chaos is Gaia's way of clearing dense energies of the past and present needing to be removed as part of her ascension process.

As long as man continues to pollute and create the discordant and low resonating energies of war and separation, she will be forced to do her own clearings."

STOP THE WARS STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER these are the Lower energies being created. As for these WEFs they are not here for the benefit of the people of earth. They will be removed as Earth goes further into the higher energies, she is ascending back to her higher dimensional Self - 5D, We are graduating to 5D. For now this is 3D we are in. The WEFs are hell-bent on trapping Earth and her people in this 3D world, THIS is battle We the People are in.



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