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How to respond to people with questions after their covid-19 gene therapy injections

S.O.S. ... Save Our Seniors

Winter weather warfare 2022

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Stuns 'I Got the Shot, and I'm Fine' Crowd'

Reality zone vs. politics of mis-in-formation

Changing the World: Don't Worry Darling!

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) vs. shedding and more

Unsustainable: UN'S agenda for world domination | full documentary

X-Files 2016 mirror: DNA tampering

Red Alert: Human dignity, human rights, fundamental freedoms on chopping block

'Vaccine' genetic transfection alert - shedding

Covid injection hesitancy associated with increased traffic crash risk

UN + Vatican’s destabilizing, neutron bombs: you own nothing if a poor person has need of it

2023 and Thee: Quantum Entanglement

MAid in Canada: Fast track to death

Catastrophic Contagion 2025 simulation [Or sooner?]

'Notice to Cease and Desist' if a loved one was coerced to take the jab

Mind bender gender ideology: cultural harbingers pushing pedophilia

Beyond America's Frontline Doctors: Ancient ties that keep global humanity in bondage

DNA is a storage medium; MAN's inner net

European MP Christine Anderson: S.O.S. to the world

Dr. Naomi Wolf's Fiery speech 'Yale University will have bl00d on its hands'

Pandemic Treaty Surrenders health sovereignty of every man, woman, child

Doctors, Senators, Scientists publicly challenge covid stalwarts

Help get covid 'missing in action' truth on the public record

2 Western University students dead: cover up failed

Canadian weather modification FOI and rainwater test

Are courts 'shedding' light on the truth?

Alberta school teachers break silence on effects they’re seeing after the jab

Chinese protesting 'strict' covid policies beaten and burned alive

Democracy vs. Republic vs Self Governance

A strong signal to governments and courts across Canada [court win]

G20 countries commit to digital gulag via international vaxpassport

2021 life insurance payouts = 4 x a 200 year catastrophic event

Shedding: How to detox and protect from gene-altering shots

If you were jabbed and dodged the bullet this may be why

Court orders CDC to release data disclosing 18 million jab injuries in America + Fauci emails

Documentaries: Died Suddenly & BlueTRuth: Are the jabbed transmitters?

Watch CPSO Doctor's Tribunal Nov 23.22 on YT

3 Ontario Doctors raise Charter Claims against CPSO on Nov 23.22 [Part II] + YT link

Help needed: 3 Canadian doctors face CPSO tribunal Nov 23.22

Global walk out Step 12: Curriculum Awareness Week

21st Century good vs. evil will likely be a photo finish

Hackable Humans: A message for everyone.

Will a call for execution of drug dealers consider pushers of the jab?

Justice for the Vaccinated URGENT CALL TO ACTION

A culture obsessed with death, drugs and sex

UNDRIP - loss of property rights

The technology crash of 2022

Tip Toe to Tyranny | Free Public World-Wide Release

Return of the face mask

The covid business plan and New 10 Commandments

Government reacts to Cdn. Public Commission Inquiry into their covid measures | Call to Action

Covid military-industrial complex calls, for renewed covid measures, is a ‘Sick Joke’

Nov 03.22: PayPal's user agreement includes fines of USD 2,500 debited to your account

Covidism is like bullets that wound

First human with implantable microchip bank card

Disclosure, Informed Consent, Freewill Choice

My Open Letter to Director General, World Health Organization

World Citizens: Demand transparency from entities secretly advancing our enslavement

Fellow Humans: We have an apocalyptic 'Quantum' problem!

Trailer: Died Suddenly | SADS

Independent, citizen led, world-wide Control Group: health outcomes of covid-19 unjabbed

The devil's messengers vs the One True Creator's angels [Oct 26 detransition story]

We're taking back the Keys to the Kingdom

10 Scientific 'known' flaws in the RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2

The Sound of Silenced Science

Extreme danger: Gain-of-function research on steroids [and other assault]

Meet the 15 CDC Members Who Voted to Add Deadly COVID Shots to Kids’ Vaccine Schedule

Children and the end game: We need to speak up today!

Tribute to Canadian Truckers + Emergencies Act Inquiry: Let your voices be heard

Urge your country to exit the WHO

The 'real' Anthony Fauci: The Movie [LIVE! View free]

Silent Morning: Dial down the noise of life

Pfizer executive publicly admits viral transmission not tested in Pfizer trials

Smart Money Nightmare: Life without cash

People of the Truth: French General, Member European Parliament, Top American Academic

Accountability is 'due' for all things covid

Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC] - alternatives + spring water resource

New species: Homoborgenisis

Student who refused to mask up arrested at Western University Canada & How to Respond

Guess who brought the WEF to Canada & WEF Finance

Time to get out of the World Health Organization

They're reloading ... prepare

Disarmament: A Calling or Culling?

Canadians 'push back' 09.22 Okotoks

"The Covid Vaccine Must be Suspended." Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Global walk out Step #4 : Withdraw consent to financial tyranny

Greenpeace Founder Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives

Global walk out Step # 3

The Great Reveal: Tiptoe to Tyranny + from covidism to climatism

Press Release: Open Letter to Canadian universities to END coercive covid policies

Clim@te f@lse al@rmism

Coalition of doctors declares Covid-19 jab side effects international emergency

Earn your freedom

Call to Action: Global Walk Out

Incoming: Human slave classification system world-wide

Beware of alleged alt media

Dare not get between California Mammas and Pappas and their children

We got smacked down for a higher purpose

CDC director internal message acknowledges 'botched’ pandemic response


New Zealanders hold mock court against government while New Yorkers mask up for monkeypox

Plea to All Doctors and Nurses: End This Insanity

Massive human die off; justice will not come from the legal system

What climate cultists can’t destroy they will tax out of existence

From Billboards to Polio to Unsafe vaccines to Coherence

Preppers' Guide to Survival and here's why

The PEOPLE Reset

World fertilizer/food intel | Food as a weapon

Covid jabs: The truth breaks sound barrier on Fox News

Cometh the Horsemen: Pandemic, Famine, War

Recorded call between pharmacist and father of 7 year old with myocarditis post injection - Our Task

Complete documentary on What's Happening in the World 2021-2022

Junk DNA - doorway to transformation

Premiere: Uninformed Consent - life giving documentary - free

Why does history keep repeating?

Sowing hunger to reap profits - 50% world food supply hoarded

BENEFITS of World Hunger - according to the United Nations

The Canadian swamp thrives | Incoming: Human classification system world-wide

National Assembly call: Follow up EMF's and 5G radiation impact on our health

Canadian mother of hospital ER nurse files criminal complaint with police about post jab deathly sick children

'Love in The Time of Covid' documentary film

We Move As One, July 23.22 stand with the farmers

Climate change now a USA national security issue Vs. ClimateGate Part II of III

Climate change now USA national security issue Vs. ClimateGate: Global warming scandal Part I of III

Dutch farmers have started the global awakening: no farmers, no food!

The world goes Dutch July 23.22

Autophagy: A deep dive we all need to take | Most Wanted | Slow roll July 23.22

Request for help: Candlelight vigils to support the injured and bereaved

Farmers need us 'now' to defend food production - Zoom tonight

ALARMING report June 06-14.22 covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths in Canada

CBC whistleblower quit, due to covid propaganda

'Stop the shots in kids' campaign and video debut

Rome on fire: The Vatican is burning!

Uruguay: Judge Suspends Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccine in Children Under Age 13 + Human Genome transgression

Response to plandemic: IppocrateOrg Italy, Doctor [s], EMP

Georgia Guidestones: Explosion leads to demolition

We’ll Never Be Fully Vaxxed in Canada

The viral delusion - episode 1 free

Re-awaken tours USA - July/Aug

End Game: Monkeypox, Transhumanism, One World Government Part III

End Game: Global reset and covid 19 agenda | Part II of III

This is not a recession this is war & NATO on the move

End game: Dr. Judy Mikovits Part 1 of III

How to release collective fear from your physical, mental, emotional body

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - right to peaceful assembly

74,783 Deaths and 5,830,235 injuries after covid19 injections in the U.S. and Europe

More doses = more cases = more hospitalizations = more deaths

Justice for the vaccinated

J@b injuries on display across the USA

Freedom Convoy documentary

Canada: Nation wide candle light vigil June 18.22

Veteran James Topp marches across Canada for freedom

How to remain psychologically stable in the midst of crisis ...

War on the unvaxxed was lost

5200% Increase in child deaths after c-19 injections

Judges Rule Against Canadian Provincial Health Ministers: They Are Not Above The Law

Emergency 'call to action' final day to submit to FDA to defend 6 mos and older

Medical Doctor Package: Help educate health professionals and the public

Update on BC Charter Challenge argued by lawyer Rocco Galati

ACT Now: Protect children 6 mos and older from the jab!

Vaccine Injury Film | Deceived, Damaged, Ignored

From Dictatorship to Democracy: The Great Escape

Attempt to de-rail the proposed pandemic treaty

Call to Action World Coup D'etat

Conspiracy is not theory when its's actually happening: 'Uninformed Consent' trailer

Playing the 'Intoxication of Power' card

Greatest opportunity of the 21st Century

Bill Gates Lays Out Plan for Global Takeover

Silent weapons instead of bullets

Monkey Pox or Monkey Business?

Propaganda in focus

Police On Guard: A Call for Peace

World coup d’etat by unelected bureaucrats

Summary of how International Health Regulation amends could empower the W.H.O.


Calling all peoples into higher awareness and action: Oppose international power grab

Meet World Economic Forum graduates advancing a world coup d’etat

Oppose Canada Senate Bill S-233 and House of Commons Bill C-223

New Brunswick: First Canadian province to advance one world tyrannical governance

Covid support and insanity revealed

International Pandemic Treaty: All Out Assault

“Most people have no idea what’s coming” Robert Kiyosaki warns

War on food goes hot

World Health Organization issues severe hepatitis global alert

How consent to vote and consent to the jab are eerily similar

There is only ONE political party: IDU

Your body’s immunological learning system vs. vaccines

Update: Constitutional Correction in Canada + Commonwealth Countries to stop the reset

Alert! Canada’s constitutional ‘correction’ to stop the reset

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