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Dr. Michael Yeadon's plea to Dr. Robert Malone + all cause mortality

The end of covid and whole contagion myth Summit June 20.23

Documentary: What is a woman?

15 Things 'human farmers' want to thank you for

New Documentary Film: Covidism: Contagious Deception

Synthetic reality: deeper than deepfake media

Dr. Mike Yeadon - Truth Be Told

Hidden cameras at B.C. Airbnb, AI garbage, AL [artificial life]

Invisible 'buyback' programs

93 biochemical weapons to decline when a medical mercenary offers them to you

World citizens are outraged at this

If you grow your own food consider electro-culture

How many covid m-RNA injected people do not know they may have been injured?

The great pandemic silence vis a vis the vote

Rebut global threats to your health, privacy and financial freedom

Hidden health care crisis: S.O.S. for Canadians and Americans

The nature of propaganda and the science of psychological manipulation

Public Notice: Sue the WHO | Terminate Tedros

Science fiction now science fact; hacking freewill choice

Dis-information S-233 and C-273 please correct

"The end of pretending the last 3 years was just a mistake."

King Charles threatens military campaign against climate

What do any of us really know about high profile alleged freedom fighters?

Relearn to trust Life

13th May the truth will be told around the World

Highest law + science: Evidence the Creator a.k.a. God is here to assist ... now

Who is behind the trans agenda and world-wide child grooming?

Post covid authoritarian world government or not, is ours to choose

Next global onslaught - see pedo for what it is

How to safeguard you and family 'before' possibly needing hospitalization

This is what 'occupation' of a planet looks like

Population decline ... By what authority?

Call to Action by May 10.23: Pandemic Treaty

The 'greatest' army in the world is amassing

World tyranny executed under the guise of a covid-19 pandemic

Breaking: Bill C-11 hard attack on free speech passed in Canada

Five scientific ways to raise your vibration to manifest

Why are elected members silent about a world coup?

AI Chatbot Response to Mankind

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S.M.A.R.T. Cities unmasked and unpacked

Immediate action: Threat to drugs, medical devices, biologics safety regulations in Canada

How to Find a Local Bank

Petition to the Government of Canada - International Health Regulations

Mass bee killing, m-RNA in food, Sodom and Gomorrah, 2012

Centralized control of financial transactions ends financial freedom

Experience of a TD customer who refused TD Digital Banking Agreement

The digital ID trade off, what is it?

TD bank: Time sensitive decision day in Canada

Alerts: Digital ID banking, LGBTQI+ push back

Disclosure of Pfizer documents is the great awakening

The Shift of World Ages 2030 and a New Era

Too much 'proof' to ignore the potential in each of us

Vera Sharav's Historic Nuremberg Speech: Eugenics Then ... and Now

Questions for financial institutions about Agreement changes and digital banking

Join me on Notes

Protests, CBDC financial coup, full surveillance economy

Important lesson if you post online

If you use a financial institution please read

Police Vet, Lawyer, Dr. Trozzi Testify at National Citizen’s Inquiry Canada

What is your lifetime carbon budget?

Trance'mission or Go Direct Reset?

World's largest CBDC Trial: preview of nefarious cashless vision

Pay with your palm or face instead of traditional credit or debit card

Vote to dismantle politicization of the Law Society of Ontario [LSO]

How to save ourselves

Holographic Universe: the brain is a hologram

Wizards of climate myth

Canada spy agency warns climate threat to national security [time sensitive action]

Self-knowledge CIA page 25

PPP, ID2020, UN2030, Society 5.0, Smart tattoos, by consent, conquest or 'not'!

Digital health certificates: will majority comply with digital enslavement? Call to Action.

Is the sequel to covid-19 hemorrhagic fever and military medical martial law?

CIA Document: Reality is a Hologram

We live in a virtual reality, now what?

6th Grade Boy, The By-stander effect, and You

Science of Immateriality: No. 2 Self Reflective Universe

Legal road map to digital control and compliance: sugar laced with cyanide

BREAKING: CBC Building Plastered With Suspected Vaccine Injuries And Deaths

Replay link Online symposium: Pharmaceutical crime of the century

WEF 15 minute s.m.a.r.t. cities light up Internet of Things

Excess Mortality Disclosure Goes Mainstream: Ed Dowd an Tucker Carlson Interview

War Crimes Notice: To Providers of Health Care and Health Insurance

Judgment Day: Canada criminalizes dissent

The Science of Immateriality: No. 1 Manifesting

Jordan Peterson launches alternative to WEF

Former high ranking UN official comes clean: Oligarchs own the United Nations

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda

Ai powered fake media and Consciousness

Cosmic chess match on Earth's gameboard of life

Agile governance for post pandemic world - heads up folks

Worldwide, life changing exposé of the United Nations Jan 28.23

Letter from a pilot disabled after the jab

Six mistakes of the 'medical freedom movement'

What might 'forced medical intervention' mean for you and family?

Our children are the hill to die on!

Declaration of North America citizen alert

The man who sued 'God'

You Will Pay For Your Personal Carbon Emissions

Who is behind this d3ath cult?

Central control of natural health products and poverty consciousness [Jan 16.23 update]

Top 100 Reasons to Stop The Pandemic Treaty

Stop IHR amends and the Pandemic Treaty; take action now for the sake of us all

Opinion: Fauci Knew About HCQ In 2005 – Nobody Needed To Die

77-year old Doctor threatened with prison | Man threatened with e-prison

Trailblazing book sends shockwaves through Pfizer’s criminal enterprise

Why billions swallowed the covid psyop: a 'masterpiece' of unequaled scale and sophistication

15 Minute Cities - what are they?

How to stop mass formation + Mind/Brain potential

Memorial Day: m-RNA injured New Zealanders silent no more

Family and palliative care physician 'closed', for honoring the Hippocratic Oath instead of the Hipocrite Oaf